Yoni Egg Sets

Yoni Egg Sets:


  • Clear Quartz and Amethyst Egg Set
  • Self Love Yoni Egg Set (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, + Carnelian)
  • Jade, Rose Quartz, + Obsidian Yoni Egg Set
  • Nephrite Jade Egg Set
  • Jade Egg Set
  • Serpentine Jade Egg Set
  • Rose Quartz Egg Set

Why buy an egg set?


Generally a medium size yoni egg is ideal for most women who haven’t given birth.

However if you’re a woman who has experienced child birth, prolapse or any vaginal issues, I highly recommend a set of three. The benefit of a set of three (different sizes) is that you can choose what size you want to work with on any given day. A medium might be too difficult for you to hold inside, so you might prefer to use a large egg to begin with. But how are you meant to know this before purchasing the eggs?

If you are torn between which crystal egg to purchase, I sell a set of three with your choice of egg size and crystal, so you can mix and match. By default this set comes with a large jade, medium rose quartz and small obsidian, all in a black silk lined box, a velvet pouch and hemp string!


*prices listed for yoni crystals are in AUD