Yoni Pleasure Wands

benefits of the pleasure wand


The wand doesn’t “vibrate” like a typical sex toy. It does, however hold a special vibration which replenishes your intimate area with new energy, removing old, stale or stagnant energy.

Unlike most sex toys it won’t desensitizes the area with harsh, vigorous vibrations on your most sensitive, intimate areas. It’s a much smoother, gentler and conscious experience – albeit an item made out of something as hard and dense as crystal.

Using the pleasure wand will rejuvenate the area physically, sexually and spiritually. Women who have self-pleasured with a crystal pleasure wand have said to experience more health, sensation, and sensitivity in their yoni. They feel “less dirty” and “more connected” to their most intimate space!




I suggest you channel an intention into the crystal before each use. The intention can be as simple as slowing down, breathing, being present, sending more self-love into your being, connecting to your true desire, compassion, forgiveness, worthiness, abundance – whatever you are seeking – for yourself, your relationship, your partner, or someone who is in need of love, or healing support. In this you can dedicate your self pleasure to someone else’s healing. Wow!

If you need to use lubricant, I suggest having a tub of coconut oil beside the bed (and the bathroom, and the kitchen), however regular lube or saliva is just fine.

You may like to slide the wand in and out of your yoni with a meditation or affirmation – breathing in love, exhaling peace. You can hold the wand inside the yoni and breathe long and deep whilst contracting your pelvic floor muscles. Another suggestion is to allow your yoni to invite the wand inside and allow the walls of your vagina to draw the wand deeper inside; this will greatly strengthen your yoni power, which will inevitably infuse into other parts of your life.



Each Pleasure Wand is  lovingly crafted and blessed and infused with love and white light to bring out your most divine, sensual, feminine, peaceful, purposeful essence within. The wands are crafted and polished into a phallic shape wand for ultimate pleasure.

The wand brings about a higher level of consciousness and vibration to your Yoni, sex life, but also to your own relationship to your body and self. It helps let go of the scripts we have of what sex should look like and allows us to trust our own pleasure-based instincts, guilt, and shame FREE.

The wand is completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates (unlike some plastic sex toys), which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system and may play a part in cancer and infertility.

The Pleasure Wand is designed to internally sensually massage your yoni simply by inserting inside the vagina. With it’s glassy and sleek texture, the sensation inside is smooth and silky – similar to the texture of glass, however charged full of high vibration crystal!

You may also like to use the wands for overall body massage, sleeping under your pillow or to have on your alter as a dedication to the Shiva Lingham.


Cervix De-armoring


Curved crystal wands are a phenomenal tool for de-armoring. Most women will come to find that when they first use their crystal wands they will feel the opposite of pleasure, instead perhaps pain or numbness. This is very common because as a woman we store all of the “bad” stuff that’s happened to us in our yoni. Hurtful comments, fear, stress, shame, guilt, anger, negative body image, abuse, trauma, etc; all of this becomes stored in the cervix. If you have ever had sex before you were relaxed and ready, had a traumatic gynecological trip, given birth, experienced sexual abuse, sexual shame or guilt, been in a traumatic romantic relationship, or sent hateful thoughts to your body; then you will benefit from de-armoring.

In addition, you can carry emotions from your partner within your cervix; sex with a partner is a powerful way to express emotion, vulnerability, and intimacy but can put you at the risk to intertwine energies. A big sign of the need for vaginal de-armoring is the fear of inserting anything into your vagina. The cervix holds the key to true connection with your sexuality but when it carries so much trauma and grief it becomes numb and reclusive. After working through this tension and pain, you will start to revitalize your most sacred center. The cervix is the gateway to your womb. In Taoism, the cervix is considered the heart-center of women. It is a portal to the womb, women’s power center. Cervical orgasm is uncommon because of all the repressed emotions, but once cervical orgasm becomes possible you will be teleported. Cervical orgasm truly unites you with your soul, your Divinity. Once you free your cervix you can access your ability to create, manifest, and be free.


Read my blog Post on HOW to De-Armor Your Cervix here.

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Curved Cervix Stimulators for De-armoring



*Fantastic trigger point access for de-armoring the vaginal walls!